To Move From Delivering Pallets To Delivering Single Products

Back on an intense day in news, advice and testimonials. Digital at the heart of growth The past eighteen months have been very profitable for e-commerce, which has proven to be a real growth driver for many companies and even, for some, the only way to maintain a business. A figure illustrates this regained confidence well: today, 41% of French companies recognize that digital contributes to their turnover, this figure even climbs to 60% for ETIs! Thus, everyone now agrees to see digital transformation as the future of commerce and associates it, beyond the improvement of their profitability 42% .

With customer satisfaction 54%

And customer loyalty . 41% . Omnichannel is essential Today, more than half of companies consider e-commerce to be a means of developing physical sales. The new needs and uses that emerged during the crisis are settling in over time. Consumers now Russia Mobile Number List expect brands and retailers to be present at all touchpoints and to offer a unified shopping experience. The challenge for merchants is therefore to move from a logic of siled commerce to a logic of integrated commerce. It’s a real breakthrough: digital finally has its place. Tomorrow, we will no longer be talking about e-commerce on the one hand and physical commerce on the other, but of commerce in general.

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Alexandre CEO Presta Shop

The Magimix challenge For Magimix, the inventor DX Leads of the multifunction robot, the digital transformation has imposed a real change in culture. To bring the brand into the 21st century, the company had to move from a BtoB model to a mixed model BtoB and BtoC . The ambition of the digital department aimed to amplify the user experience around the product thanks to an agile ecosystem. A revolution that required the implementation of major projects: adapting exclusively BtoB logistics to the needs of a BtoC merchant site, connecting the e-commerce platform with the ERP in place, redeploying customer service in PrestaShop. the company redesigned part of its warehouse, designated new packaging and found suitable carriers. A digitization that took place in a real omnichannel approach so as not to compete with historical distributors.

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