Total Organic Traffic Mobile And Desktop Combined

Other search engines Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. account for the remaining. All values ​​shown are round to whole numbers without decimal places. See the table below for unround values. While at the beginning of the monitor period Q the ratio between Google and Seznam was , at the end of the monitor period Q this ratio was already . So, in . years, Google grew from to at the expense of Seznam, which, on the other hand, fell from to . If this trend continues at the same pace, Seznam will reach zero at the end of Organic traffic from desktops From early to mid- , the ratio of Google vs. He turn the list in desktops from to.

We Note That In Favor Of Google

The list dropped from to . Organic mobile traffic Since the beginning of , Google has strengthened among mobile phones, and from the original ratio of it swung to , i.e. Google increased by percentage points from to and Seznam fell from to . Organic traffic from Germany Phone Number List tablets While at the beginning of the monitored period the ratio between Google and Seznam was , at the end of it in the middle of this ratio was already . Development on tablets is thus the slowest. Google improved and Seznam deteriorated by only percentage points. Mobile devices mobile phones and tablets together Google strengthened its dominance in this segment and jumped from a ratio of to.

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So Google Grew By Percentage Points From

So there was a change of percentage points. The following overview table shows the exact values ​​rounded to decimal place Internet domain from the point of view of law or how domain disputes are resolved Author Andrea Pavelcová Andrea Pavelcová The issue of domain names is increasingly topical in the legal environment. Along with the increasing number DX Leads of entities on the Internet, a simple and easy-to-remember domain is becoming more expensive. And so various disputes arise between those interested in the most attractive domains, which we will try to explain to you in the article.

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