Understand natural referencing to better understand

Natural referencing is one of the worlds where we sometimes hear everything and its opposite. It is therefore not easy to find your way around to properly exploit this marketing lever, which is increasingly important for companies. SEO! An inexact science If we agree that SEO is an inexact science , it is because it involves many parameters with algorithms that fluctuate continuously. Beware when an agency or a SEO assures you the first position on Google . Basically! it means nothing. If you want to reach the first page and the first position on your keyword, it all depends on the competition and again, many parameters. Natural referencing, SEO In addition, not every website starts out on the same footing . The themes are often very competitive, the domain names can be old or new, the content capital can be more or less important. Several other points can also be mentioned, including.

What does natural referencing mean

We can translate natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By all the techniques and means made available to a third party. In order to optimize the pages of its website as well Changsha Phone Number List as possible. The main goal of this optimization is to reach the first page and the first position. In Google on its (strong) keywords but also on the many queries associate with them. Referencing is in principle a free means unlike paid referencing. Which uses advertising levers and in particular Search (Google Adwords ads). We can also say that the techniques and means used must be clean, and not relate to so-call black hat techniques. The risks incurred that could directly impact the referencing of the site in the SERPs (Google results pages). Natural referencing, SEO This work can be carried out by web editor profiles. If it is a question of optimizing the content published on the website and necessarily by an SEO referrer when it comes to putting his hands in the code.

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How do we ensure its referencing

When we talk about ensuring its referencing , we rather look at the side of the content and its optimization. The technical part being managed upstream with nevertheless a follow-up. We therefore ensure its natural referencing by producing regular and quality content. This content must comply with the rules impose DX Leads directly or indirectly by search engines and in particular Google. Natural referencing, SEO This work is carry out by one or more web editors specialize in SEO , and in all cases train in the use of dedicate tools. Without SEO tools, we would rely on our simple ability to write, but this is not enough when we are looking for positioning on Google. Knowing the fundamentals of SEO is the first point and then the main tools like the 1.fr solution , SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahrefs etc… One of the points that should not be overlook is the use of the semantic.

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