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Common questions What is SEO? It is a set of techniques that aim to position one or more landing pages among the best results of search engines. What are the SEO positioning factors? Content quality, domain authority, page performance, site architecture, backlinks, social signals and brand mentions, and many others. What is a keyword? In short, it is the search term that the user searches to get to a page. For example, someone who needs to buy a running shoe might search for the term best running shoe . Why adopt SEO? The Internet is an environment full of opportunities and offers the most diverse demands for business. However, to stand out, you need visibility.

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To the top positions in search engines. blog Marketing Digital marketing Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing on Instagram Tips to Get Started! Guilherme de Bortoli Per Guilherme de Bortoli Inbound Marketing CEO of Orgânica, he has years of Costa Rica Phone Number List experience in digital marketing and sales projects. It should not be news to you that Instagram is one of the social networks with the greatest potential for generating sales today. In addition to having more than billion active accounts and continuing to grow, people are already used to using Instagram to get more information about products or services they want to buy. With all that in mind, I brought you some ways to use Instagram to boost your Inbound Marketing strategy and generate even more sales.

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What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a Digital Marketing methodology used to attract potential customers, relate and gain their trust (before the sale). Unlike Outbound Marketing — where your company goes after potential customers to DX Leads actively offer your products or services — in Inbound Marketing , customers come to you. This happens through the provision of quality content, using Content Marketing in different channels, such as blog and social networks. And that’s where Instagram comes in! Tip Content Marketing Planning Tips to Create Your Own Why do Inbound Marketing on Instagram? The choice of Digital Marketing channels used in Inbound Marketing varies depending on the budget and persona of your business, for example, but one thing is certain

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