Design Thinking and its usefulness for companies

Design Thinking aims for innovation and problem solving using designer-specific methods. Many well-known companies use this concept of work for the creation of their new products or services. But what is Design Thinking really about? Where does this concept come from and what are its advantages? What is Design Thinking? Design Thinking translates into French as “design thinking” or “design spirit”. Since its appearance, its definition has evolved a lot . It is presented as a method of innovation and an overall design approach centered on the end user (the human) whose goal is to create an innovative product. The very idea of ​​this concept is therefore to find solutions to existing or future problems, in a more original way by using tools specific to designers. What is Design Thinking? This makes it possible to create products or services that meet a real consumer need and that are technically feasible and economically viable. Empathy, co-creation, creativity, the right to make mistakes and iteration form the basis of this innovation approach.

What are the origins of Design Thinking

Appearing recently in France, Design Thinking is not, however, a newly created concept. In fact, the concept of design thinking was born in the United States in the 1950s with the arrival Macedonia Phone Number List of the Brainstorming technique developed by publicist Alex Osborn. In 1980, Rolf Faste, who at the time was professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Design Product section of the University of Stanfort, gave an exact definition of the concept . And he also established its different stages. What are the origins of Design Thinking? But it wasn’t until 7 years later that the term was formalized and was first used by Peter G. Rowe in his book entitled “Design Thinking”. In the 2000s, we witnessed a large-scale dissemination of this innovative approach in Europe and the United States. . Many publications have been made on the subject, conferences have been organized and courses on Design Thinking have been given to students.

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What are the principles of Design Thinking

To innovate, one must necessarily consider factors such as people’s lifestyles, consumption habits, desires and topics of conversation. The goal of “design thinking” being to respond to a need, whether explicit or not , one must rely on certain ethnographic research techniques such as immersion, observation DX Leads or co-construction with users. What are the principles of Design Thinking? Design Thinking aims to make the different professionals of the company work together , namely engineers, designers, marketers, developers, etc. All these skills together, it is easier to identify a problem and have a better understanding of its context. It is then easier to find the solution that will solve the problem and move on to its design. Design Thinking is therefore a collaborative project methodology that allows to use the full potential of teamwork. Shows the different profiles of the company and improves project management with a more creative approach.

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