How to optimize your SEO for voice search on Google

Knowing a real craze in many countries, voice search on Google or voice SEO , changes the habits of users but also those of online media publishers. So, these players in the digital economy come to wonder what the impact of this new use will be and how to improve SEO to take advantage of it, rather than suffer the consequences. Here are some explanations and tips for optimizing your website for voice search. What is voice search on Google? Present in more than 1.7 million French homes , voice-activated speakers give pride of place to this new search mode. At Google, it’s the Google Home Assistant that allows users to leverage Google Voice Search technology . This aims to recognize the voice of its user and answer his questions which he formulates by speaking naturally. But this system had already existed for many years.

Changes to voice search for SEO

We don’t speak like we write! Because of this, we don’t ask Google’s voice assistant for information in the same way as if we type it directly into the search bar. This therefore brings major changes in the way of dealing with the natural referencing of websites. This is why an SEO agency will start by identifying the A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers intentions of the users of a site on this type of search. After this study, it will propose a personalized list of SEO optimizations. Moreover, voice search only gives a single answer to the user. The voice search snippet usually comes from the Featured Snippet , also known as position 0 . This result is what we find first when we launch a search on Google. So the goal is to be that first answer to be part of the voice search results. How to optimize your SEO for voice search Now that you understand that voice search is growing and bringing change.

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Prioritize long tail keywords

These searches, made up of several words, allow you to position yourself on keywords that will be less competitive and with a high conversion potential. Indeed, they correspond to more precise and DX Leads therefore rarer searches. If a website has the best response in the SERPs, then its click-through rate will be very high. Be short and precise Encourage clear and concise answers to common problems. These short sentences will be more easily used by voice assistants to give a simple answer to the user’s question. Indeed, someone searching for example “Who sings in the Valentino ad?” » just wants to know the name of the artist and not his entire biography. Prioritize geolocated requests These local queries have the highest conversion rates. So it is essential to also optimize your local SEO when trying to improve your SEO for voice search on Google.

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