Want To Know How To Use Data To Drive Your Brand S Results

Check out a competitive analysis we did with Rock Content Keyword Tools – Alexa The tool analyzes the number of keywords that have some kind of deficiency Alexa Ranking is also able to compare the selected site s data with the average of its competitors, whether in terms of traffic or bounce rate. Keyword Tools – Alexa In the improvements section, Alexa points out which keywords can generate more results for the site x Do you want help using data intelligence to grow your business? Click here and we will be happy to talk to you.

Moz Moz is not simply a keyword tool

But one of the largest companies specializing in Search Engine Optimization SEO in the world. It even has one of the biggest blogs on Digital Marketing — it s worth checking out. However, in addition to being great influencers when it comes to Digital Senegal Phone Number List Marketing , Moz has developed a complete SEO tool for defining keywords the Keyword Explorer KWE . To show you how the tool works, I did a search for the term “Pronaf”, one of the most relevant keywords for our Cresol Client! Keyword Tools – Moz Although it is very good, with relevant information such as CTR, the tool is not very unstable in the analysis of monthly searches KWE assists in the entire process of discovering the best keywords and also filters and prioritizes the most important terms according to numerical data.

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Not to mention the important metrics presented

For good SEO work Keyword Tools – Moz SERP analysis is a little more detailed than other tools, providing information about links and domain authority One cool feature that sets it apart from other keyword tools is the functionality of keyword DX Leads mentions in recent publications. With this you can analyze what they are saying about the topic and create content covering different aspects!  It will be a pleasure to help you! Just click here ! Keyword Tools – Moz In addition to the publication date, it is also possible to verify the authority of the domain from which the mention came.

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