Way to get the spotlight effect

Musique Yellow logo featuring a microphone and the text “emerson biggens” Logo design by designer okdesignstudio Stylized letter S within letter D with the text “Desiree Sierra” along the lefthand side Logo design by designer CostinLogopus Gradients mimic the effect of standing under multicolored stage lights. Another way to get the spotlight effect is to design a logo that has its light source coming from one clear side, literally pointing the spotlight on the logo. Avant Garde and unique artist logos Not every brand has to have a wide appeal. Maybe you’re an artist or an entertainer and you want to emphasize your unique personality and style. Maybe your idea of entertainment has a narrow appeal and that’s the way you want it, because the more narrow.

Your focus, the deeper you can go

If you’re providing the kind of entertainment that’s made by artists, or for artists, create a logo that gets them… even if not everybody’s going to get it. Use Color Correction Service this style of logo if you’re an arthouse theater, a personal brand, a funky underground film studio, an indie publisher or anything else that’s outside the mainstream. glitch-style image of the words “illusio pictures” Logo design by designer PrstiPerje blue and white image of an upside-down milk bottle and the text “spilt milk” in a circle beside it Logo design by designer Dima Che line drawing of a woman wearing glasses and the text “elle G” Logo design by designer ed-creative geometric image of a wolf’s head against a bright yellow background Logo design by designer.

Color Correction Service

Alya film production suspense logo Logo design

By duskbitz stencil art-style image of Beethoven with an afro and the text van schmetthoven” Logo design by designer Hyakume Mohawk man DX Leads coffee cup illustration Logo design by mgeorge Eye-catching… and eye-keeping entertainment logos Even if you don’t go full-on avant garde, your logo should be visually intriguing—before you can entertain an audience, you have to pique their interest. A logo that provokes visual intrigue through juxtaposition, an attractive color palette or even just a cool graphic is one that’ll turn passersby into a captive audience who wants to know more about what you’ve got. If your brand is all about delivering stories to audiences via books, movies, cartoons, stage plays or music, you can’t go wrong with an entertainment logo designed to make them do a double-take.

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