We Are Really Part Of A Slow Fashion And Slow Wear Approach

Take the time to work on this type of communication to strengthen your customer relationships . Bonjour Maurice, brand of children’s clothing and a real disruptive company By The PrestaShop Team – December 23, 2021 – schedule 5 minutes Bonjour Maurice, brand of children’s clothing and a real disruptive company Interview with Céline Lejeune, co-founder of Bonjour Maurice. Tell us about your brand? Bonjour Maurice was conceived, in a very competitive sector, as a disruptive brand offering a range of playful and reversible children’s clothing, sold individually, but also by box. How is your concept so different? We wanted to sell products that make life easier for parents and encourage the autonomy of children. The idea was born in 2017.

We started by creating a range

Of reversible clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old. Very quickly, we had very positive feedback from our end customers! For them, this range takes on its full meaning. The clothes are playful, comfortable because without seams and Cayman Islands Mobile Number List without labels. They can put them together on their own, because they all go together. They are designed to allow a real mix and match . Where did the idea for the box come from? From the desire to offer a minimalist wardrobe, sufficient for one season. Each box contains 5.7 or 9 garments of your choice which allow you to create up to 80 outfits. And buyers are free to compose their own box. We submit to them partially or totally modifiable suggestions.

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As environmentally concerned mothers

We quickly became interested in the concept of mindfulness and the minimalist theories of giving meaning. The box allowed us to come DX Leads full circle! Interview with Céline Lejeune, co-founder of Bonjour Maurice. Celine Lejeune The child is therefore at the heart of your thinking. Yes, we were directly inspired by active pedagogy methods, such as Montessori. If too many games kill the game, too many clothes hinder the child in his autonomy. Our reversible products make it easier for him to choose, develop his independence, but also his creativity. He can play and compose his own outfit. We are in an approach that is at the same time minimalist, playful and ethical. Do more with less.

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