How to write an article optimized for the web in WordPress

Writing for the web requires some writing skills first, but above all. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in order to optimize your articles for search engines. And in particular Google. Let’s see how to write an article optimized for Google , without neglecting the audience you are addressing. And who knows? You may be in first position in Google eventually. Essential skills and qualities for web writing Knowing how to write is specific to each person, and it can be a matter of a literary course or even journalistic studies. Beyond that, the gift of writing and the passion will be a real driving force, but will have to be fed constantly so as not to lose them. Essential skills and qualities for web writing The essential skills relate essentially to everything related to natural referencing . We are thus talking about the fundamentals of SEO.

The checklist of a web article optimized for Google

Here is the checklist to follow in order or not depending on your way of writing. To produce optimized content in WordPress. 1. Your article title or H1 tag The title of your article is the one that will appear on your website or blog. It is also called H1 in reference to the tag used by default for the title. It should Cameroon Phone Number List therefore be known that the title appearing on the search engines is different or may be different if it is filled in. This is the title tag for the latter, and it is entered via a plugin like Yoast SEO for example. FYI it is quite possible to use several H1 within an article , but generally for the sake of structure or aesthetics, we favor the H1 for the title and we switch to an H2 tag for the first subtitle of his article. The title tag: The title used in the SERPs.

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The most important part of the content

An article written for the web sees the top part as the most important. This is the principle of the inverted pyramid in web writing or even in journalism. It is a question of starting with most important DX Leads which is the châpo and then the development of the subject to finish with the resources and other annexes to the content. The inverted pyramid in web writing The chapo should not exceed 2/3 lines in principle. Its reading must be quick and allow the Internet user to understand what the article will deal with in broad outline. It is therefore a question of introducing its keywords. 5. The title: The use of Hn tags The title is a generic term designating the different levels of title within an article in particular. Between paragraphs, subtitles, chapters etc.

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