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For all French-speaking web editors and even community managers, French mistakes are inevitable! Indeed, with a language as rich as this, even the best web editors make spelling mistakes. However, there are several ways to avoid them, and since web writing has become more democratic with tools like Google Docs, this is a golden opportunity to offer you tips adapted to this solution. Discover: the best tools to correct spelling and grammar errors. The Language Tool add-on With several million recognized words in its database, the LanguageTool online tool will allow you to save considerable time in correcting your mistakes. Indeed, via a simple module that you will have to install on Google Docs and Google Chrome, you will be able to recognize a large number of spelling errors, and correct them in a few clicks. Completely free, it should be noted however that some corrections are only accessible in a paid version of the tool.

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In addition to the LanguageTool module, Google Docs can also detect a large number. Of errors, you would be wrong not to activate this feature! To benefit from it, in Google Docs, you just have Senegal Phone Number List to go to Tools > Grammar and spelling, and check the different options available. mistakes, web copywriting While this trick is well known to most web writers, few are unaware that it can save considerable time by reviewing and correcting dozens of spelling mistakes in seconds. By typing on Windows Ctrl, you will be able to. Open the corrector to see all the errors recognized by Google. In this way, you will no longer need to recognize each underlined word. You will limit the risk of forgetting a mistake. If it may seem very trivial on a hundred words. This feature will save you a lot of time for texts of several hundred words.

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Finally, this last tip will require special attention, because it will have to be adapted according to your writing. If you have been writing for several months or for several years, you must notice. That you often make the same spelling errors or the same typing errors. With sometimes missing accents or apostrophes DX Leads the French language has many subtleties that are sometimes difficult to grasp. mistakes, web copywriting In Google Docs, by going to Tools > Preferences, you will have access to a submenu called “Substitutions”. In this interface, you can integrate words that you want to replace automatically in all your documents. Thus, you will be able to replace all the most frequent typos that you have identify in your writing. But also spelling mistakes. However, with a price of less than 5 euros per month. This tool alone can change the daily life of French-speaking web editors.

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