Well -segmented Sea Ad Groups Enable Gain Relevance

To improve the level of quality (QS Quality Score). Increase the click through rate (CTR click through rate); reduce the cost per click (CPC). Tip 5 Don’t Forget Negative Keywords In fifth position of our advice for e-commerce sites come negative keywords . These are keywords to exclude from your SEA campaigns on Google. And this in order to perfect your ROI (return on investment, translated into French by return on investment). By excluding certain search terms, the campaign focuses on the truly relevant keywords among the many queries made by Internet users.

The use of negative keywords

Interesting SEA technique to implement in the case of broad queries . A broad match corresponds to variants of the keyword set up such as synonyms, inflected forms (plural/singular) or misspelled. With the exclusion of certain keywords, your ads will Benin Mobile Number List only be shown for queries that best match your offer. This will make the investment profitable since you will not be spending your campaign budget unnecessarily . The negative keywords method mainly allows reduce costs; increase the click-through rate (CTR); to get a better conversion rate . Here is an enlightening example of a negative keyword a site exclusively selling electric bicycles will have every interest in excluding the word second-hand from its campaign in the context of broad match targeting.

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Tip 6 Use Automation Wisely

Smart Bidding uses machine learning technology to DX Leads analyze millions of signals and behaviors on the web. Take a critical look at the different methods of creating campaigns Smart campaigns have their pros and cons . There are no right or wrong methods, only campaign performance counts. It may be interesting for a small business that does not have a lot of budget to embark on automated campaigns (less campaign management time). However, keep in mind that the algorithm needs to be fed with data to be able to compare the ads and push the best performers, to be able to define the types of audiences that convert the most, etc. Don’t rush into automated campaigns or you’ll dilute your return on investment in machine learning.

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