Understand what customer prospecting is and how to apply

Attracting more and more audience is essential for you to have a good sales volume. Therefore, it is very important to understand what customer prospecting is and how it is done to reach people who fit the profile of your target audience. In this material you will understand the concept of customer prospecting, learn about some methods to prospect, strategies , among other fundamental information to win over consumers. Follow up! What is customer prospecting? Customer prospecting consists of going after the potential customer, the consumer who has a profile and characteristics similar to those of your current consumers. The intention is to attract the public with this profile to lead them through the sales funnel until they become a customer, generating conversions. Who is responsible for prospecting customers in your company? The marketing team is responsible for attracting the audience.

What is active and passive prospecting

In active prospecting, the company is going towards the potential customer. He does not request contact or provide his data to the company. In passive prospecting it is the opposite. The lead contacts the company in search of a particular solution, or provides their contact details willingly. Either waiting for a message Denmark Phone Number List to be sent or to obtain some material, such as an e-book. The 5 steps to prospecting customers. Following a certain sequence of steps can contribute to achieving better results with customer prospecting. See below what these steps are. Research Start by researching who your prospects are. It is necessary to understand these people, the problems or pains they are facing and the ideal way to approach this consumer, according to their characteristics and expectations. Prospecting Stage in which the first contact with the prospect is made. When it comes to B2B prospecting.

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The 8 Customer Prospecting Methods

In practice, how is customer prospecting done? There are several methods you can adopt. Check out 8 to start working on your business now! Outbound It is an active prospecting strategy, that is, the DX Leads company is the one who goes after the potential customer. This can be do through telemarketing, which is more traditional, but there are also options for emails. Calls, flyers, social networks and direct mail. Sales Engagement In this method, the sale happens with engagement and the relationships with the potential customer start right from the first contact. A much closer relationship is generate between the pre-seller and the lead. Both of whom engage in this process in a two-way street. Inbound Customer prospecting in this method happens through the offer of pieces in content marketing and also optimizations, such as SEO. The marketing sector attracts the public.

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