What Else Might You Not Know About Video On Social

The future of digital creativity In his lecture, Johny Spindler showed us a new era of digital creativity. In order to attract attention on social networks today, especially in the field of videos, you have to come up with a novel, unique, imaginative, often technically sophisticated idea. But if you are not afraid to try new things and technologies, it can be a piece of cake for you. He also pointed out that soon it will not be necessary to target primarily mobile users mobile first , but only them mobile only .  networks and what does Johny see as the future of mobile only video? of videos on Facebook are played without sound, you have to be visually appealing.

Of Video Viewers Don’t Even Watch

He anticipates the success of portrait videos – they will take up more space on the mobile phone display in the timeline. Dynamically and in real-time changing video parameters according to user settings are rarely used. Little widespread Cyprus Mobile Number List advertising in virtual reality – slowly coming with ° videos. Slow TV . Even though it may seem boring to you, people are watching. Mass personalization in videos. You can see how difficult it is to engage an advanced user of social networks, for example a teenager, in the following video. He sees and sees only what he wants to see, or what really catches his eye at first glance.

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The First Seconds Of The Video

Therefore take this into account and not only when creating videos for social networks. You can download the presentation here . Hyper Local campaigns Then a pair of speakers from SearchOptics took to the stage to focus on an often overlooked shortcoming – and that is hyper local user targeting . Why does it so often target the user very widely when we DX Leads can target it within a few meters? They showed everything on the example of clients casinos, car dealers and restaurants who, based on various targeted local campaigns and using various technologies and techniques, were able to reduce CPC and increase traffic to websites or establishments. photo by dj_riggs You can find the presentation here.

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