What Kind Of Content Are You Presenting

To your customers through Digital? But the most important question is Do you think this is a bad rate? According to Chet Holmes, in his book The Definitive Sales Machine, his audience will be distributed as follows Chet Holmes Definitive Sales Machine Pyramid Source The ultimate sales machine, by Chet Holmes download a free chapter If you were selling on average to % of your total audience, that result would represent % of people who are buying right now. This result looks great to me! But I m not here to calm you down, I m here to help you see better and further.

Given that only % of those impact are sure

They are not interested in your offer, what are you doing to make yourself relevant to the remaining %? Are you creating custom actions for each level of consciousness? Or are you treating everyone the same? Have you ever thought about selling up to times Jamaica Phone Number List more from the Internet? Many strangers, whose profile is the description of their ideal client , are daily connected to the Internet. However, most companies use it only to demonstrate their products and services. Therein lies the problem! Only % of your audience, according to Chet Holmes, is interested in this type of content. The process of buying a product or hiring a service is much longer than simply knowing and paying.

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Most of the time, a prospect do yet know

That they have a problem to solve or that there is an untapped opportunity. As a supplier, it is part of your role to alert you, educate you through useful and relevant information . And it is the knowledge you share that will also attract the attention of DX Leads over % of the market that is not interested, arousing their interest in the subject and the desire to relate to you. Sell ​​ x More with Inbound Marketing Methodologies such as Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing follow the premises of what Seth Godin called Permission Marketing . Have you gained permission to be part of the life of the public you are interested in? Is your company producing content according to your audience s stage of awareness?

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