When Evaluating The Shares Of Search Engines

We only monitor the development of organic visits . We did not consider the development of the visitors ratio. However, it can be stat that he copi the development of visits. As we evaluate The resulting values ​​are the average of the search engine ratios of all individual clients. In other words, we took the ratios of individual search engines separately and average them. We consider this method of evaluation to be consistent, because it is not so much influence by the factors mention in the following chapter. from the sum of the absolute values ​​of traffic from individual search engines, we came to very similar conclusions.

The Resulting Values ​​differ

From a comparison of data from almost Czech websites of our clients with total organic traffic in the order of millions of visits per quarter. In our opinion, the sample is already sufficiently representative and has a high indicative value. Variables that EL Salvador Phone Number List may have affected the results The clients themselves – size – small, medium and large websites were represented. However, their distribution is not uniform. – various fields – projects from the field of e-commerce and beyond – different target groups – competitiveness of the environment – ​​highly and less competitive projects – composition and intensity of individual marketing activities of clients.

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Sample Data We Drew Our Conclusions

Search engine updates launched during the monitored period January , – June , Status of on-page and off-page factors of individual websites at the beginning and during the monitored period SEO activities carried out on the given websites during the DX Leads monitored period The goals that individual websites follow and their settings, or their changes Findings What have we come to? Google and Seznam brought a total of approximately and of visits to our clients’ websites from natural search results for the entire monitored period.

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