When You Send An Email To Your Customers Or Prospects

You can choose to write a single, general message. Which will be sent as is to all your contacts, or prefer to personalize it. In this case, your email is made up of a common part. Which will remain unchang regardless of the recipient. And customizable elements the customer’s first and last name. The products they prefer; examples of products already purchas; links to landing pages that may be of interest, etc. The personalization of emails requires the mastery of dedicate software . The latter makes it possible to automate the sending of personalize messages , according to define criteria.

Why personalize your marketing emails

Working on your SEO or creating Google Ads advertising campaigns is not enough to grow your business. An online merchant must be committe to continually improving the customer experience . Receiving a personalize email is one of those touches that Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List help the recipient feel unique . You have to touch the customer. By designing a tailor-made message , you multiply your chances of increasing your opening rate, your click-through rate, your engagement rate and your conversion rate. The personalization of the email is valid for all types of mail, from the welcome email to the thank you email, including the follow-up email after cart abandonment.

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What are the tips to know to write

Your personalize professional emails well? 1. Customize the subject of the email This is one of the most determining elements of your professional DX Leads email personalization strategy. The object is indee a real sesame . He can invite the recipient to open your email or on the contrary encourage him to place your email in spam or in the trash. How to write the subject of a personalize email ? You have to use the first name In order to put an end to too general formulations, the starting point of personalization is precisely to put the person at the heart of your subject. Calling your client by his first name will make him happy.

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