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The SSL protocol allows visitors to log on online securely and merchants to offer a 100% secure payment experience. You can get free SSL certificates but their validation period is quite short compare to paid certificates (90 days against 2 years on average). Popular solutions for online stores Remember that there are many ways to sell online today here are our top three solutions Self-host e-commerce solution Self-hoste solutions can involve very low start-up costs and cover most of the basic needs of an e-commerce site. The final cost will depend on factors such as your ease of development or your specific design needs.

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A website yourself, using an agency can drive up the costs. Although they may seem complicate at first, the advantages of self-hosting are considerable in the long term you fully own your online store, you can customize it exactly as you want and, above all, you are 100% owner of the data, which allows you to take it with you if you decide to migrate to Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number List another solution. Host e-commerce solution (often SaaS) Host solutions are easy-to-implement turnkey solutions that are customizable enough even for beginners. The disadvantage of opting for a subscription product is similar to that of renting a house you cannot do whatever you want freely because you do not own the property.

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When you rent a house

You cannot take the walls with you if you move. It’s more or less the same with a hoste solution if you want to migrate, be prepare to leave behind much DX Leads of what you’ve built. Choosing this option really depends on your long-term ambition and investment. Marketplaces Marketplaces are great if you’re not ready to launch your own website. Their biggest advantage is that there is little work to be done. In general, uploading your catalog to your marketplace of choice is almost enough to start selling. While some marketplaces are totally free, others, like Etsy or Amazon, charge a small commission per transaction. Of course, it is not possible to customize the appearance of your brand, and you will have to accept the rules of the marketplace and be dependent on its e-commerce functions.

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