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On the occasion of this overhaul but also since the new site was put online, has develope many tailor-made features to meet the demands of the client team,  animation of the site. Soledis also supports Champ grand in data visualization thanks to its PrestaShop Google Data Studio Connector module . Tell us about your Champ grand client and his initial request? The Champ grand company targets professionals from the rural world (farmers, veterinarians, breeders, etc.) and enthusiasts of outdoor activities (horse riding, gardening, hunting, fishing, etc.). It offers them boots, ready-to-wear and accessories in two physical stores in and Blois as well as on an online store.

Champ grand management came

To us in February 2020 with a request to redesign their online sales site. It was then on an aging proprietary solution, non-responsive and not flexible enough for their requests for changes. They also had needs for global management of their e-commerce Sweden Phone Numbers List activity and connection with their offline activity inventory management, shipments, etc. How did the redesign under 1.7 boost sales? We offere them to work on Presta Shop 1.7, highlighting its flexibility with the modules available on the addons and our development skills at Sole dis, there will be a solution for each of the features requeste by the Champ grand teams.

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To meet their management needs

We recommende solution, which they now use almost like an ERP for managing their stocks and shipments. Since then, they have also decide to DX Leads work with Sora Caisse POS as the cash register software in their two stores. Thanks to So Connector, ERP connection expertise, Sole dis manage the interconnection of these two solutions with the Presta Shop Champ grand site and made the necessary technical adjustments in the Presta Shop application for perfect compatibility. On the customer side, the results are positive both commercially and in terms of management. With this redesign, traffic on the Champ grand website has record double-digit growth and their turnover has double. The connection with their ERP and their cash register software has made it possible to gain in productivity and to meet the need for automation and monitoring of a certain number of tasks.

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