Will Increase Your Chances Of Positioning Yourself

The user will thus be able, for example, to make an online estimate and then validate it by placing an order on your PrestaShop site or in your physical store. Here are 4 major advantages that should not be overlooke. Local SEO is part of the future of SEO and your business . Starting now will allow you to be better known in the future. How to optimize your online store in four steps? After understanding the value of local SEO , here are some steps to improve it . These steps are simple, but essential if you want to appear on search results. Step 1 take care of your site On a website, you have to pay attention to several criteria.

If these criteria are met

You will have a better chance of positioning yourself. To do this, follow these tips to the letter (if possible) First of all, secure your site with an SSL certificate. This is a very important criterion . If your site is n’t secure, it will have a harder time climbing the Bahamas Mobile Number List rankings. Then, avoid errors on your site and use 301 redirects. You must not upload images that are too heavy and your site must be mobile friendly (compatible with smartphones and tablets). After doing all this, your site will be faster, more readable and more reassuring. You will have a much better chance of positioning yourself better.

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If you want to further improve

Your online store, do an analysis with a tool like Screaming Frog or My Ranking Metrics. Step 2 Sign up for Google My Business Listing your business DX Leads on Google My Business is one of the most important steps in your local SEO . It ‘s the first thing users will see. It is therefore necessary to take care of its presentation and to provide up-to-date information . First of all, enter the name of your company so that you can be easily recognize (exact name of the sign). Continue and fill in your address very precisely. Next, choose your activity category. The description of your business, if done well.

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