With a large population and limited space to live

Fruit packaging Via Naoto Fukasawa Sakura label design Via Kenya Hara Hanging Japanese parchment Via Kenya Hara Hiroshima Appeals 2013 artwork Via Kaoru Kasai Today, Japanese design has become even more conscious about environmental problems like global warming and pollution. With a large population and limited space to live, designers must think about how people consume their products. As a result, Japanese design has gained quite a natural tone. 9 ways to bring Japanese design into your own work — 1. Wabi- Sabi and Japanese minimalism Do it like Marie Kondo, and get rid of anything that’s unnecessary. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi is a worldview centered on the acceptance of imperfection that comes from Zen Buddhism and Chinese Taoism.

Basically it finds joy in the imperfect

Gets rid of all that doesn’t spark joy. Arko Tea Japanese packaging by Obacht Arko Tea packaging by Obacht Book Cover Design for Two Mouths Book Banner Design Cover Design for Two Mouths by Fe Melo Zenji Matcha Zenji Matcha by O I O O I I O I Japanese cannabis pouch design Cannabis Pouch Design by Una.F Two Arrows Zen Japanese Logo Design Two Arrows Zen Logo Design by Fahrenheit 32 Japenese book cover design Book Cover design for a collection of short stories by Clar.c Japanese book cover design Book Cover design by Fe Melo Japanese packaging for tempered glass by aran&xa Packaging for tempered glass by aran&xa Logo for single origin Japanese green tea company by Raveart Wabi-Sabi has a lot in common with modernism.

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It’s more intuitive asymmetric warm

Fluid. This technique tries to keep the essence of a design without losing the poetry. Clean, but not sterile. Simple, yet smart. Try bringing Japanese DX Leads minimalism to your branding, logo, packaging, website and more. 2. Natural motion Many of the earliest Japanese wood print blocks illustrate nature and how the world constantly changes and moves. This sense of continuity evolved into modern-day manga and bright packaging. Bonsai tree illustration Bonsai tree illustration by LizYee KAI SUSHI logo KAI SUSHI logo by Redsoul Hikari japanese sushi food truck Hikari japanese sushi food truck by Priyo Maru Japanese Bowls logo Maru Japanese Bowls logo by Agnesema 3. Nature With striking (and daunting) natural features like earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons, Japanese culture is keenly aware of the environment.

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