How to choose the right host and WordPress web hosting

If you plan to create a website or a blog under WordPress, you will need to know. The basics to choose your hosting as well as the domain names attached to it. Hosting solutions are mainly based on the servers offered by the host. My choice naturally fell on the host LWS (Line Web Services). Which has been my service provider for nearly 9 years for the Journal du CM. I am fully satisfy with it for many reasons that we will mention and because it offers many web hosting solutions . The choice of the host above all! Before choosing a hosting for your website , you must consider the host or service provider who will provide you with their services to host your project. At first glance, many accommodation formulas are similar and are found with a large majority of service providers. However, the host can clearly make the difference in your choice, because of the services it offers in parallel with its hosting formulas.

The location of the host

The choice of host can also be a question of geographical location. An important point to avoid longer access times to your server. France will therefore be prefer, but also with regard to the support. It is preferable to have in French for a better understanding of your needs. Besides, LWS has more than 20 years Morocco Phone Number List of experience in web hosting and domain name registration, being a domain name registrar. Which weighed the balance in my choice. Discover LWS for your web projects. Discover LWS for your web projects. What is accommodation? The question may seem silly, but since web hosting can hide many solutions, it is important to understand the basics. In addition, we very often confuse the server with the storage unit , which is ultimately the space where your site will be stored. The server is a computer unit on which a system is installed, hosting the storage units and which is parameterized according to numerous criteria.

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The choice of accommodation

The choice of hosting depends on several criteria, starting with your level. Of skill in managing a server and whether or not you want to have control over its many settings. However, do not panic, in the opposite case, ready-to-use shared solutions are offered by LWS. WordPress Hosting WordPress hosting means that your DX Leads storage space will already be equippe with the CMS, and administrator access to create your web project. You will only have to enter your login and password to access the WordPress backoffice. In addition, some essential plugins for WordPress will also be preinstalled in many cases. Web host, WordPress hosting Depending on your capacity to manage a server. If you opt for a dedicated server, for example, you will always have the possibility of launching a WordPress installation in a few clicks. Only the creation of your database beforehand will be necessary. In the case of a share LWS offer.

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