Write A Request To The Domain Holder To Stop

The case is more than exemplary. The domain speculator register the mention domaf name, and at the moment when, as alert him to the violation of his rights, he began to demand CZK , for the transfer of disposal rights. The court side with the plaintiff insurance company, stating that the text is the many-year-old stock of the plaintiff’s trading company, it also owns several trademarks containing this text, and state that this name is commonly and long-term associate with the plaintiff. The result was that the speculator was oblige to refrain from any disposition of the second-level domain and the association had to change the registration.

Of The Entity Holding The Domain

Cases of good faith However, situations are more complicate when someone registers a domain name in good faith i.e. for a reason other than that stat in cases of abuse and when the site is properly use, but the rights to an identical or even interchangeable France Mobile Number List mark belong to another person. A problem can also arise between two owners of trademarks that are identical or interchangeable, but are register for completely different products or services , or in a completely different territory. Such domain names infringe the rights of third parties.

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So That The Plaintiff Was Register Instead

Are in conflict with the good manners of the competition and need to be transfer to the rightful owner. And this can be done in several ways. How are domain name disputes resolve? If your establish business conflicts with someone else’s domain, try to DX Leads negotiate with the owner of that domain first . It is the least expensive option.  their activity under this domain and ideally to transfer it directly to you, as you have rights to it, for example, from a trademark. If you fail, harder methods will follow.

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