You Analyze The Results Insufficiently

I believe many of you don’t. What with this? From now on, name your campaigns . For example, like this . It will make it easier for you to find your way around, and if necessary, you can return to a specific campaign in an instant, even after several months. Use a filter for a faster workflow. Tagging I personally recommend tagging everything you post on the social network in the Google URL builder. If you’re lazy, at least use Bitly add a + sign after entering the Bitly URL in your browser and you’ll see the stats for that link . For example, if you promote an article on a blog that is not tagged.

Mistake And Do Not Look

For connections After the campaigns end or at the end of the month period , you probably prepare a report for the client . Reports often contain dry numbers in which the client is mostly unfamiliar and rarely contain useful information or your opinion Kazakhstan Phone Number List on the campaign or product . And that is exactly what the client would appreciate! What with this? Add a comment to your reports . Take a look at Google Analytics. Track assisted conversions. See what role Facebook advertising plays in each step of the target action. Don’t forget to look at the bounce rate.

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Attention – Without Domain And Question Mark

And don’t be afraid to draw conclusions or opinions backed by data. You have never tried a third party tool on FB Ads Are you using Ads Manager to create ads and spending an inordinate amount of time on it? Try Power Editor . And if you already have DX Leads experience with it, why not explore other tools? Not everyone wants to pay for a service that Facebook actually offers for free. But if you create multiple ad variants, work with DPA, or simply find the FB interface too complicated, look for a more suitable tool. but you have already published it on your page, you can assign tags to it in the Power Editor.

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