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But as soon as your business grows and starts generating income, you will need to upgrade the website and switch to a paid plan. When the solution is free, you will quickly discover some unavoidable costs. However, it has never been easier to sell online than it is today. Here are some hidden costs behind most free advertised online store builders Accommodation Some e-commerce CMS offer hosting plans, but these platforms are not free, which means that hosting is only included if you have subscribed to a paid plan. If the CMS you have chosen is free, you will have to find a hosting provider yourself.

Which means you will have to pay for it

Your hosting provider is extremely important, as its quality can impact the performance and speed of your website, and therefore your sales. Domain name As a merchant, you probably don’t want a long, unfriendly name for your website, like. You will need New Zealand Phone Numbers List to purchase a domain name if you want a brand that will easily stick in people’s minds through the website URL. Software payment processing fees Some e-commerce solutions allow you to sell products free of charge up to a certain number of items in your product catalog. This is what most SaaS solutions do. If you opt for a free CMS, you probably won’t have any additional fees other than those of the companies that process the payments.

New Zealand Phone Numbers List

Payment processor fees

If your e-commerce platform does not charge for DX Leads your commercial transactions, the payment processor will. Plugins (or addons) Plugins are additional programs that you can add to your site to meet specific needs. For example, you may want to include the payment method “buy now pay later , in which case you will need to install a plugin that allows customers to choose this payment method during checkout. Themes The theme (or template) of the website is the appearance of an online store. Most solutions offer free templates, but if you want to customize an existing theme, brand it, or get a more sophisticated one, you’ll want to consider buying one that suits your business needs. . SSL integration Secure Socket Layer.

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