You Then Come Back To Him With A Questionnaire

By this indirect means, you remember his good memories and you take advantage of it at the same time to understand why he no longer buys on your merchant site; after a customer has contacted your after-sales service : once or twice a year , as part of a global survey of all your customers. 4. Choose an appropriate distribution mode The questionnaire can take several different forms : an online questionnaire , which the customer receives by email; a survey conducted on social networks; a face-to-face survey , often done in groups; a telephone survey ; a questionnaire in paper format.

The choice of form will depend on

The type of customer place of residence, age, habits, social origin, etc. ; the type of information to be collected; the level of urgency. If you are in a hurry, the fastest and most effective is the telephone survey. It is, however, time consuming. If your Vietnam Mobile Number List target is international, sending by email seems the most appropriate. How to question your customers with PrestaShop modules? PrestaShop can help you in your quest for customer reviews. You will find in particular a module for creating questionnaires and one for collecting opinions . Although the creation of the questionnaire requires a minimum of thought, it is an essential marketing tool to develop your activity and retain your customers.

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To promote your e-commerce

Also think about SEO. Thanks to a Google Ads DX Leads advertising campaign designed and managed by a specialized agency , you increase your visibility, your traffic and your conversion rate. Price comparators: which are the best to optimize your sales? By Yves Attias – October 27, 2021 Buoni sconto, pro e contro Once your online business is launched, your marketing work is far from over! You must develop your notoriety in order to increase traffic and thus boost your sales . If many communication channels exist, price comparison sites are particularly effective marketing tools . What are the best price comparators ? Let’s do a check in.

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