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Your founding principles the target you are aiming for; your business model; the manufacturing process of your products. Why Write a Proper About Page? A well-designed landing page is one way to connect with your customers . They can indeed: identify with the values ​​you present; be touched by your journey; better understand your brand. All this information is therefore decisive in the consumer’s purchase journey, since it can promote conversion . Despite all these advantages, the About page is nevertheless too often sloppy by e-merchants . They believe that it is hardly consulted and that its impact remains minimal.

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To take enough distance and fail to present themselves, to tell their stories, to sell themselves. 5 Tips for Writing a Persuasive About Page 1. Use storytelling What is storytelling Sell ​​yourself by telling a story, your story. This is storytelling. It is a writing Israel Mobile Number List technique that places the story at the center of communication , in order to: to arouse emotion; to inspire the target audience; to give substance to the values ​​and missions of the company, thanks to a coherent narrative; to humanize the brand, by recounting the life or career of the main players in the company. How do you tell your brand story? To create a lively, human, and engaging About page, you must therefore learn to master the art of storytelling , and more specifically, that of marketing storytelling.

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The framework of the narrative diagram by integrating: an introduction in which you briefly introduce yourself and quickly present the initial DX Leads context; the arrival of a disruptive element that pushed you to create your brand; adventures : action plan, stages of creation, problems encountered, your mistakes, your weaknesses; solving the problem : It’s about your products. They are the ones who offer an answer. They are the fruits of your efforts and will revolutionize the lives of your consumers; the final situation : You explain to the readers what your vision of the future is, what missions you feel invested in, etc. 2. Use copywriting Now that your reader knows everything about your brand and has a better understanding of the context in which your products were born, he must know why he would buy them.

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